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European-North American Dialog – Offshore Summit
European-North American Dialog – Offshore Summit

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Baltic 1

EnBW Baltic 1 is Germany's first commercial offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea

Geologists and engineers, suppliers and logisticians construct 21 wind power units 16 km north of the peninsula Darß/Zingst on area extending over 7 km². With a total power of 48.3 MW annually, they can produce 185 GWh of energy over a period of 30 years.

First of all, a scour protection layer is deposited on the seabed around each individual unit to protect the wind energy units against current and tides. It consists of two layers of stones placed around the foundation base to protect the units against washing.

Foundations, the so-called monopiles, are then driven into the seabed with a heavy ram. Another steel pipe, the transition piece, connects the monopile and the steel tower of the wind energy unit. The wind energy units pre-assembled in the Danish town of Nyborg are then transported to sea on an installation ship and placed onto the foundations.

All wind energy units are connected with each other through the internal farm network. The electricity produced is transformed in the sub-station and connected to the land grid by 50 Hertz Offshore GmbH.

Baltic 1 Windpark north of peninsula Darß/Zingst Germany

At a glance:

Baltic Sea, 16 km north of the peninsula Darß/Zingst
Size:approximately 7 km²
Wind power units:
21 Siemens SWT-2.3-93/2300 kW
Water depth:
16 - 19 m
Total output:
48.3 MW
Annual yield:
185 GWh/a
Average wind speed:
9 m/s
Completion date:
scheduled for end of 2010

Details on individual components can be found at