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European-North American Dialog

European-North American Dialog – Offshore Summit
European-North American Dialog – Offshore Summit

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The U.S. government has recently given the green light for the first off the coast wind farm. This starts a new chapter for offshore wind energy. The decision marks the first step in the transformation of a European market towards a global market, said Christian Kjaer, chief executive of EWEA (European Wind Energy Association).
The 130 turbine project at Cape Cod, totalling 420 MW of installed capacity, will provide clean electricity to 75% of households in Cape Cod and the surrounding islands.

Review: Offshore Summit 2010

Offshore Summit

About 170 representatives from the Euro- pean and North-american offshore industry participated in the 2nd Offshore Summit with an intense exchange of knowledge and strengthened the transatlantic dialogue.

Currently, nearly 100% of global offshore turbines are installed in European waters by European developers using European turbines.
In Europe, EWEA estimates that future offshore wind projects – more than 100,000 MW - will provide 10% of total EU electricity demand.
The export percentage of the German wind energy industry is approx. 80%, according to VDMA Power Systems – indicating how much the international market values German products and services.

(Source: EWEA, 29.04.2010 et al.)